Learn what you should know about your Business website.


You have lots of things demanding your attention.  Is your business website one of them?

Are you confident it doesn’t have any security, performance or SEO issues? 

Are you worried your site is not representing your business as well at it should. 

Oe even putting potential customers off?

Would you like a FREE WordPress Website Health Check Report highlighting any common issues,  easy fixes and tip sheets for improving the 3 most important areas?




Issues in these 3 areas have the greatest impact on your business website



A website at risk of hacking or flagged as insecure is a death-blow to establishing trust.

Ensure your site is up to date with security fixes and not at risk of being hacked from known security vulnerabilities


A website that is slow not only puts off potential customers but will attract ranking penalties from Google.

See how your website speed measures up at what steps can be taken to improve your website speed


Google ranks sites on a number of criteria with mobile optimisation one of the most important.

Learn how Google sees your site and find out your baseline scores for areas such as user experience and marketing

How to get your report

Getting your report is simple – just send us your details and your business website address and sit back and relax. 

We will run a set of tests against your site and produce your report with some recommendations to address any issues we find. 

You can share your WordPress Website Health Check Report with your current web support company to fix any problems – or talk to us if you don’t have one. 

We’ll follow up an email with advice and resources to help improve in each of the key areas.


  •  The WordPress software version your site is running compared to the latest recommended release
  • The number of known security vulnerbilities with your version of WordPress
  • If your site is secure (HTTPS).  This is a user trust and a major Google ranking factor
  • If we can see evidence WordPress has been hardened against common security weaknesses
  • The overall size of your homepage and how fast it takes to load
  • How Google ranks your website performance for desktop and mobile users
  • An overall SEO score made up of various checks against your website performance, security, technology, accessibility, marketing and mobile optimisation

Why you can trust us

We have been delivering technology and web services since 2009 and our founders have over 50 years combined service management experience.
We set the business up to bring a new level of management and service focus to an industry with a bad reputation for customer service.
We invest heavily in operating processes and tools to ensure a consistent approach to everything we do to make us the right choice for business owners.  We have created this FREE WordPress Website Health Check Report to give business owners a easy to understand view of the hidden but important parts of their website.


“The team at GorillaHub are professional and efficient, with support always at hand. We’ve used them for many years, across multiple websites and endless projects. Their ticketing system is simple and no request is too big. We’re regularly updated on the status of our websites and projects which is helpful when running your own business.
Jane Pocock

MD, Vans Direct

The aftercare from GorillaHub is just as good as the attention and support you get throughout the build. The slightest of issues or tweaks are dealt with almost immediately and nothing feels too much to ask of them.
Joe Tickner

Ascot Promotions

Like almost every business owner I depend upon a stable and reliable platform for my three websites.  I need good and up to date advice, I need problems to be fixed as soon as possible and I need the sites to be available 24/7.  Gorillahub give me all that.
Keith Godfrey

Owner, Flying Without Fear

Their service has been excellent, and I would recommend them without hesitation.
Barry Neeves

MD, Stitch Design

When we were choosing our digital partner to design our web presence GorillaHub knew exactly how to portray our brand and what we were looking to achieve
Suraj Bithal

Owner, Trigon

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don’t know you – do I need to give you my logins?

A: No.  For this assessment, we only look at the public website so do not need access to the admin interface or your hosting.


Q: Is it really free or are there hidden costs after registering?

A: Absolutely not.  It won’t cost you a penny.  You’ll receive your report once we’ve assessed your site.


Q: Does it work on any website?

A: No.  We only offer this assessment for WordPress business websites.  Please don’t request an assessment if your site if it doesn’t help you make money.


Q: If you site has problems, do you need to fix them?

A: No – if you have your own web developer they should be able to fix any issues reported.  Of course, we’d love to work with a new business.


Q: If I wanted you to fix my site, what are my options?

A: You can purchase support time by the hour based on our estimates or buy a management plan that comes with development time each month from £30.


Q: Can you stop problems re-occurring?

A: Yes. Our website management plans are designed to give business owners peace of mind by carrying out essential security and performance maintenance.